Nicholas C. Waggoner, LLC. and associates at Florida Divorce Help, LLC have been Paralegal/non-attorneys in the state of Florida since 1995. In those years, we have helped over 5,000 people prepare their own Florida divorces and modifications of child support, child custody and other relief.

Nicholas C. Waggoner, LLC. and associates at Florida Divorce Help, LLC use all Florida Supreme Court documents supplied to us by the Florida Bar. This guarantees all of your documents will be done correctly as required by the court in all counties in the state of Florida, without the high legal costs.

These documents cover all aspects of you Florida divorce, including child support, child custody, real property, and all agreements that you and your spouse may have.

In our office we help people from low-income families to high-income families, with our divorce services starting at $300*.

So, whether you have children and property or there are no children and no property in your divorce, we can help you save thousands of dollars by helping you prepare the documents you will need for your Florida divorce.

Unlike other Florida divorce help you will find online, We want you to remember one thing...

We do this for a living: helping people in our office every day prepare their own Florida divorce. So, let us help you! Be careful of any online programs that do not supply you with the correct Florida Supreme Court certified documents!

Feel free to visit our entire website. You should find it informative and helpful in deciding the type of divorce that you will need our help with.

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There are 3 types of divorces that our office can help you with.

    If you and your spouse are in agreement with the following issues, both of you will come into our office together and we will help you prepare all of your paperwork, in most cases, while you wait.

    You must be in agreement on all of the following issues:
    • Agreement. You must both be in agreement that you want the divorce.
    • Child custody. Which party will have custody of the minor child?
    • Child support. Child support will be calculated in my office using the Florida State guidelines.
    • Visitation. Will visitation be liberal and reasonable or scheduled, such as every other weekend and every other holiday for the non-custodial parent?
    • Assets. You must be in agreement on how all of your assets are to be split. It does not matter whose name they are in. Assets are usually considered to be the following: Cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers, stocks, bonds, notes, IRA's, 401Ks, or any other retirement plans, real estate, including your marital home.
    • Debts. All debts must be decided on, including: All loans, mortgages and credit cards.

    The following links are examples of Marital Settlement Agreements and a Parenting Plan that will help you and your spouse come to an agreement. Just remember, if you can not agree on all the matters, mediation will help you fill out a similar document.

    ArrowSample - Marital Settlement Agreement (NO CHILDREN)

    ArrowSample - Marital Settlement Agreement (WITH CHILDREN)

    ArrowSample - Parenting Plan

    (Please note, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your Computer, please Download it for Free)
    If you have tried to get your spouse to agree to all of the above for an uncontested divorce and they will not agree, our office can have a process server serve the documents upon your spouse. Your spouse will be required to respond within 20 days or we will enter a default against them. In most counties, whether your spouse responds or not, mediation will be ordered and you will come to an agreement with a trained mediator. If you can not come to an agreement after mediation, the judge will make all of the decisions using Florida Statutes and previous case law.
    If your spouse has disappeared, and you cannot find him/her, we can prepare all the documents and publish an ad in the newspaper to get your divorce. Beware though, this is the most expensive and the most complicated of all divorces. This should be your last resort only if there is no possible chance of finding your spouse.

ArrowFlorida Divorce Statutes

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*Paperwork is more complicated for people with incomes above $50,000 per year and requires different forms.